video bar

Diameter : 31.4mm

Width : 26.87mm

Weight : 56.48g

Bearing Size : Size A

Response : Small Size

Signature : THP - Kenichi Nakamura

Description :

3points is a collaboration model of Legend THP - Master Nakamura and yoyomonster.

Planned from the beginning of yoyomonster. brand, and offered Master Nakamura.

We developed this model step by step and it is finally on sale.

3points is the yoyo that Master Nakamura used in 2010 44CLASH.

3points is made of stainless steel, and have 56g of weight so that this yo-yo is still usable to play tricks.

The portable strap attached to the yoyo is hand made products made by Master Nakamura, and they are the collectors edition that will only be included for the limited number of packages.

The lined stones around the axels are also sticked by Master Nakamura.