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Chaeck mete
Check mate

Diameter : 54.89mm

Width : 42.31mm

Weight : 66.54g

Bearing Size : Size C

Response: Slim Size

Signature : Hideo Ishida

Description :

2010 World Yoyo Contest 5A 5th, Hideo Ishida’s signature model.

The three steps on the body of Checkmate is called a “mix-straight” shape.

This feature keeps good amount of effective width, but also easy to grip. Of course, by lowering the edges, this yoyo has very good stability too.

Not only that this shape produces strong spin times and mobility, it also provides you a familiar, secure feelings when you grip.

Finished by taking in Hideo Ishida’s opinion as much as possible, yoyomonster.’s latest piece, Checkmate will be a check move to your dissatisfaction to your yo-yo.