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Desert Hunter

Diameter : 55.00mm

Width : 42.48mm

Weight : 67.12g

Bearing Size : Size C

Response : Slim Size

Description :

First yo-yo from "Playmonster." series "MATERIAL"!

"Playmonster." series are the YYM yo-yos that are made in outside of Japan, and it is the lower price line from yoyomonster.

MATERIAL, the first edition of Playmonster. is made in HongKong.

We recommend this yo-yo for the people who still have hesitation to buy Japanese metal yo-yo because of the price.

The shape and the weight balance of Material is based on Checkmate 2.0. And as a result, Material has good spin strength, and smooth movement.

This yoyo is also good for your step-up yo-yo from plastic yo-yos, and of course, this can be your first yoyomonster. yo-yo!